Here’s looking at you, Four Eyes!


Thanks to everyone who made it out for Thursday’s “Eyeglasses” edition! It was a great show thanks to Judy BatalionSamantha Jane GurewitzJohn FreilerSandrine Joëlle Petit, and Three Thousand Crowns!

What we learned: Don’t wear your sunglasses while throwing up, lying on your eye exam can be fun, steampunk goggles make everything better, 3D glasses are older than smell-o-vision, Geordi La Forge needs a better healthplan, and monocles go great with supervillains.

Below are just a few pics of that special night, courtesy of the supremely talented David Stewart ( The complete photo gallery can be found here

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See you next month for Thurs July 18th’s “Cellphones” Edition!

Judy Batalion tells her tale of optic woe


Samantha Jane Gurewitz shares Sandrine Petit’s childhood obsession with glasses


John Freiler and his numerous eyeglass tragedies


Three Thousand Crowns shares a song about Edgar Degas and his eye troubles


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