The Lost & Found Show – September 19th “Diaries & Journals”!

johnny-depp-as-paul-kemp-in-the-rum-diary_rgbWe’re back! And in a NEW LOCATION!

This month we celebrate Diaries and Journals! Whether you write your thoughts down on paper, on a laptop, on a cocktail napkin, or tattooed like that guy in Memento, we’ve got stories for you!


JJ Orgera
Saara Dutton
Ledia Xhoga
Melissa Caminneci
David Stewart

Thursday, September 19th, 2013
7:30 PM – 9:30 PM (Doors 7PM)

Sadly, our old venue is closing for good. But, don’t cry! Come join us at our new East Village location for great drink specials, familiar faces, and our famous L&F Show Trivia!

232 E 9th St
(between Stuyvesant St & 2nd Ave)
New York, NY 10003
Located in the East Village
STILL FREE $$ (Save your money for drinks)

Every third Thursday of the month, Daniel Guzman brings together authors, bloggers, comedians, and performers to share fiction and nonfiction tales involving everyday objects and the secrets they reveal about us. From the sublime to the surprising, each show is as diverse and tempting as the contents of a lost and found box.

For a list of upcoming themes, or to submit a story for consideration, visit:
Twitter: @lostfoundshow,

Facebook Event Page



JJ Orgera is an actress, storyteller and improviser who earns money by selling fancy jewelry to rich ladies… ladies who push their dogs around Saks 5th Avenue in baby carriages (seriously). She has performed at UCB, the PIT, the Moth and Mortified NYC and is a member of the PIT tv team, The Murk. If you think she is funny and want to check out her website, please make her one.


Saara Dutton is a subculture straddler. She’s written about furries, vampires, strippers, swingers and more. As you’ll find out at the Lost and Found show, she fits in some subcultures better than others. So, to anyone hankering to sign up for an online Imaginary Girlfriend…you can blame Saara for adding an extra hurdle.


Ledia Xhoga was born and raised in Tirana, Albania. Her stories have appeared in Liars’ League, Hobart, Kneejerk, Untoward Magazine and other online publications. She is also the writer of Visiting Hour, a short film that was awarded best film at the New York Katra Film Series and is currently competing in various film festivals in the US and Europe.


Melissa Caminneci is an editor, writer, storyteller and performer. In a former life she was a medievalist and lyric poet. She currently studies improv at Magnet Theater and acting at Stella Adler Studio, and she has shared her stories at the Moth and at open mics throughout the city. She hopes to eventually develop her stories into a one woman show about her search for understanding her sexuality and her search for divine revelation, intertwined with her studies of Catholic monastic movements and female mysticism in Medieval Europe


The author of three novels, one of which is undergoing open text surgery, David can be found in the realm of the strange. In fiction. Also, real life. He employs a unique method of camouflage called being A Photographer in an effort to avoid having his picture taken, having decided it is far more effective to be behind the camera in order to accomplish this. He is also the official photographer for the Lost and Found Show.



Daniel is a writer of surreal fiction, essays, and film reviews. His work has appeared in the New York Press, Cinespect, the L Magazine’s Literary Upstart Reading Series, and Rio Grande Review. He has performed at such venues as The Slipper Room, Cornelia Street Café, and the Bowery Poetry Club.

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