Thank You to all of our 2013 Performers!!

Lost & Found Show First Anniversary EditionWednesday’s show was fantastic. Thanks for everyone who came out on such a cold night to celebrate our First Anniversary. Thanks also to Le Poisson Rouge for hosting our special event.

Big thanks to our performers for the evening: Sarah Peele, Andrew Lloyd-Jones, Michael Maiello, Ember Flame, Ken McCarthy, and Omar Olusion.

As is our custom with each show, we always raise a glass at the finale to honor whatever theme object was featured that night. However, there was no theme this time, just great performers. We honored all of the 2013 performers at the end of the show on Wednesday, and we honor them here with you.

So pour yourself a drink, and raise a glass…

The Lost & Found Show’s 2013 Performers:

Michele Carlo
Mike Brown
Mike Zimbouski
Alyssa Pinsker
Suzanne Russo
Kiley Edgley
Marie Sabatino
Robb Todd
Katie Wudel
Mellini Kantayya
Adam Wade
Thomas Pryor
Angel Yau
Peter Aguero
Lisa Kirchner
Meredith DiMenna
Emily Rubin
Three Thousand Crowns
John Freiler
Samantha Jane Gurewitz
Sandrine Petit
Judy Batalion
David Bluvband
Mike Amato
Emily Gallagher
Danny “Tumbleweed” Elder
Jenice Matias
Patrick Gallagher
Dawn Fraser
George Flanagan
David Stewart
Melissa Caminneci
Ledia Xhoga
Saara Dutton
JJ Orgera
Chelsea Davison
Susan Kent
Robert Weinstein
Amos Rose
Natasha Gural
Heather Trobe

Big thanks to Wednesday night’s performers:

Sarah Peele
Andrew Lloyd-Jones
Michael Maiello
Ember Flame
Ken McCarthy
Omar Olusion

Cheers! And thank you again.

We’ll see you next month for our “Condoms” Edition, stories about love, sex, relationships, all that hot, weird, embarrassing stuff. Just in time for Valentine’s Day!

And, as always, if you want to share a story, send it in! Submission Guidelines are here:

Photo: Luke Redmond

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