The Lost & Found Show’s “Books” Edition – Wednesday May 14, 2014

The Lost & Found Show celebrates its “Books” edition, featuring literary tales full of mystery, New York madness, sci-fi adventure epics, prison poets, publishing secrets, and more. Plus: trivia and a $25 gift certificate sponsored by Lit Crawl NYC and St. Mark’s Bookshop!

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The Lost & Found Show’s “Cameras” Edition – Wednesday April 16, 2014

Cameras The Lost & Found Show celebrates its “Cameras” edition, featuring five talented performers sharing tales from in front of and behind the lens. Expect hard-hitting exposes about film school, New York accents, strange journeys, public streaking, and evil llamas. Plus: trivia and free movie passes courtesy of Angelika Film Center!

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The Lost & Found Show’s “Video Games” Edition – Wednesday March 12th!

Video Games

The Lost & Found Show celebrates its “Video Games” edition, featuring sci-fi authors, Marvel tech geniuses, 8-bit addicted comedians, and geek rock stars sharing stories about their love for video game characters, classic game soundtracks, difficult modes, cheat codes, Final Bosses, and humanity’s age-old quest to Level Up. Featuring a special Trivia Section sponsored by Games For Change.

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Get Involved with Us!

Get Involved!

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We’re looking for wonderful and excited people to help the Lost & Found Show produce even better shows and reach out to larger audiences. Whether you have a talent with social media, love making a live show run smoothly, want to help our street promotion teams, or have a knack for recruiting some of the best talent around, check out our Get Involved page, or drop us a line via lostfoundshow AT

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Thank You to all of our 2013 Performers!!

Lost & Found Show First Anniversary EditionWednesday’s show was fantastic. Thanks for everyone who came out on such a cold night to celebrate our First Anniversary. Thanks also to Le Poisson Rouge for hosting our special event.

Big thanks to our performers for the evening: Sarah Peele, Andrew Lloyd-Jones, Michael Maiello, Ember Flame, Ken McCarthy, and Omar Olusion.

As is our custom with each show, we always raise a glass at the finale to honor whatever theme object was featured that night. However, there was no theme this time, just great performers. We honored all of the 2013 performers at the end of the show on Wednesday, and we honor them here with you.

So pour yourself a drink, and raise a glass…

The Lost & Found Show’s 2013 Performers:

Michele Carlo
Mike Brown
Mike Zimbouski
Alyssa Pinsker
Suzanne Russo
Kiley Edgley
Marie Sabatino
Robb Todd
Katie Wudel
Mellini Kantayya
Adam Wade
Thomas Pryor
Angel Yau
Peter Aguero
Lisa Kirchner
Meredith DiMenna
Emily Rubin
Three Thousand Crowns
John Freiler
Samantha Jane Gurewitz
Sandrine Petit
Judy Batalion
David Bluvband
Mike Amato
Emily Gallagher
Danny “Tumbleweed” Elder
Jenice Matias
Patrick Gallagher
Dawn Fraser
George Flanagan
David Stewart
Melissa Caminneci
Ledia Xhoga
Saara Dutton
JJ Orgera
Chelsea Davison
Susan Kent
Robert Weinstein
Amos Rose
Natasha Gural
Heather Trobe

Big thanks to Wednesday night’s performers:

Sarah Peele
Andrew Lloyd-Jones
Michael Maiello
Ember Flame
Ken McCarthy
Omar Olusion

Cheers! And thank you again.

We’ll see you next month for our “Condoms” Edition, stories about love, sex, relationships, all that hot, weird, embarrassing stuff. Just in time for Valentine’s Day!

And, as always, if you want to share a story, send it in! Submission Guidelines are here:

Photo: Luke Redmond

First Anniversary Edition, Wednesday January 8th at Le Poisson Rouge!


The Lost & Found Show turns 1! Come celebrate our first year with some of our favorite storytellers of 2013. Featuring a star-studded lineup of writers and performers.


Ember Flame (Boundless Burlesque, Sharkbite Sideshow, Guilty Pleasures Burlesque)

Ken McCarthy (Slacktory, Horsey Surprise, College Humor)

Michael Maiello (Esquire, McSweeney’s)

Omar Olusion (Ripley’s Believe It or Not, Spike TV, Coney Island USA)

Andrew Lloyd-Jones (Liars’ League NYC, Litro Magazine)

Sarah Peele (The People’s Improv Theater)

Hosted by Daniel Guzman

Wednesday, January 8th, 2014
Doors 7PM, Show 7:30PM-9:30PM
The Gallery at Le Poisson Rouge
158 Bleecker St
(between Sullivan St. and Thompson St.)
New York, NY 10012

(212) 505-3474

Nearest Trains:
W 4th St (A, B, C, D, E, F, M)
8 St – NYU (N, R)
Bleecker St (6)
Broadway-Lafayette (B, D, F, M)

21+, FREE


Each month, we bring together authors, bloggers, comedians, and performers to share fiction and nonfiction stories involving a theme object that could be found in a lost and found box. We’ve featured burlesque stars, magicians, Moth Grand Slam winners, actors, and a ukulele player.

For a list of upcoming theme objects, or to submit a story for consideration, visit:
Twitter: @lostfoundshow

Facebook Event Page




Ember Flame is a poet-cum-burlesque babe who fuses storytelling and striptease into her distinctive brand of cabaret. She sends up modern life and her own anxieties with comic ballads loaded with insight and sexual innuendo. And she finds liberation in dance, with seductive sequences that reference everything from Bob Fosse to deep disco. Ember tells her tales through different characters, and her ever-expanding cast includes a futuristic iBabe, a whistle-blowing fairytale princess and an office worker who longs to feel her jungle rhythms. Whoever she is embodying, Ember tries to strip away the layers between us and our flaws, between us and freedom.


Ken McCarthy is the writer of “The Troll” column for College Humor and has contributed several indefinite articles to Slacktory under the clever pseudonym Ken M. Most of his creative energy is devoted to his Tumblr, Horsey Surprise, for which he was recently named A Real Douchebag by a fan.


Michael Maiello is a New York based columnist, performer, fiction author and playwright. He’s written for The Daily, Reuters, Esquire, and McSweeney’s. He is the author of Shuts & Failures, Rejected New Yorker Pieces (Also Rejected by McSweeney’s!). He worked for ten years at Forbes Media, writing and editing for both Forbes Magazine and He is also the author of the 2004 book Buy The Rumor, Sell The Fact: 85 Wall Street Maxims and What They Really Mean. He has performed stand up comedy at The Laugh Factory, The Comic Strip and the Philadelphia Fringe Festival and Mama D’s Arts Bordello in New York.


Omar is a magician who has performed his unique style of entertainment for Ripley’s Believe It or Not, Spike TV, New York Carousel, and Coney Island USA, to name a few. He is the owner of Vibe Right Corp, performing anywhere from 7-12 shows per weekend. From kids birthdays to sold-out events, Omar brings humor, professionalism and wonder to the art of illusion.


Andrew Lloyd-Jones was born in London, England and grew up in Anchorage, Alaska. He won the Fish Prize with his story “Feathers and Cigarettes”, and his writing has featured in numerous publications, including Cent Magazine, the Tales of the Decongested anthologies, and the Canongate collection Original Sins. He is a Contributing Editor at Litro Magazine, and co-founder of Liars’ League, one of London’s most successful live literary events. Andrew now lives and writes in New York, where he hosts Liars’ League NYC.


Sarah Peele is an actress and improviser from the Ozark Mountains. She took up the ukulele during the recession, occasionally performing in subway stations for money. This really bothered her parents. You can catch her every Wednesday at the People’s Improv Theater, where she’s super excited to be performing above ground now.



Daniel is a writer of surreal fiction, essays, and film reviews. His work has appeared in the New York Press, Cinespect, the L Magazine’s Literary Upstart Reading Series, and Rio Grande Review. He has performed at such venues as The Slipper Room, Cornelia Street Cafe, and the Bowery Poetry Club.